Pub Theology

Pub Theology

PTDC1What is Pub Theology? Open and honest conversation about things that matter. A table at which all perspectives are welcome.

The format is simple: beer, conversation, and God. Come bring your questions, bring a friend, and pull up a chair. Be ready to engage with people of varying religious traditions, philosophical perspectives and life experiences. You’ll be able to share your own wrestlings and thoughts while learning something new along the way, and hey— there’s likely to be a good craft beer you haven’t tried yet!

OFFICIAL DIRECTORY: Listing of gatherings across the country here.
Find us on Facebook and join the conversation online!

bierbaron_pt_hashtagBryan is currently facilitating Pub Theology gatherings in Holland, Michigan on Monday evenings.

book cover

Read Pub Theology, the book! Phyllis Tickle says, ”Bryan Berghoef has given us the most complete presentation to date of what pub theology is, why it exists, and what it contributes to the lives and faiths of an increasing number of people. Conversationally written and accessible.”

Find resources to start your own group here.


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  3. Stuart says:

    I’ve just finished reading your book ‘Pub Theology.’ Thanks for being willing to put your thoughts and practices down on paper and getting them published. I was greatly challenged and am now about to begin a similar group with a small number of people who are just hanging on to the periphery of the small church where I pastor in Scotland. Thank you once again for your encouraging and timely book.

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    • Thanks, Bob! The book might be a good starting point. I’m also releasing a new ebook, hopefully before the end of the month, that is a good complement to the first one, plus a great resource for ongoing conversation topics. Cheers!

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  10. My husband & I are coming to DC on March 7-12. I would love to come to the pub meeting, not sure it will fit in our schedule though. We will be staying in that area, any church suggestions?

    • Hi Marge-
      Glad to hear you’re coming to DC. Unfortunately I’m won’t be at the Pub Theology gathering that night – but it will still be happening! As for churches, you’d be welcome to visit ours: Roots DC ( Otherwise I’d recommend The District Church or any number of other good options, depending on what you’re looking for.


  11. Thanks for the suggestions! We’ll be staying in the Woodley Park area so I’ll try to get over to Roots. I grew up in Holland, Michigan(Reformed Church) so your story fascinates me.

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  15. Brian, would it be possible to change the meeting days for Pub Theology in the Burg, Fredericksburg, VA. We have moved to Tuesdays because our pub is a bit quieter then. (no band). All else is the same

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